For months now, I have been BLOGing about the movement into multi-sensory media and, specifically, the evolving e-Learning technologies available for education and training. Let’s take a few moments today to review some of the important benefits we have discussed:

• Tailors training to your own needs
• 25 – 60% less time than traditional classroom instruction
• 50 – 60% greater retention than traditional classroom instruction
• Allows more employees to be trained in a shorter period of time
• The two-fifths of your workforce who are non-reading-fluent can now be effectively trained
• Accessible for all employees at all times from “everywhere” . . . to anyone with a high speed connection
• Your investment can be recouped within the first year
• “Instantaneous” deployment of training, unique to the e-Learning technologies, increases overall productivity

When preceded by an on-line Skills Assessment Test, your training can be tailored to the specific needs of your workforce. No longer will you need to waste precious dollars and labor time by requiring everyone to take every training initiative you offer. No! — after measuring the individual Skills Gaps, you can readily tailor your training to individual needs through e-Learning — something you could never do with traditional lecture/workbook instruction.

So what should you be looking for in e-Learning programs? Courseware that has been specifically designed for that particular learning technology:
• 30 – 45 minutes to complete each course
• Each e-Learning course should consist of:
o The usual content accuracy and completeness
o Pretest
o Modular lessons
o Practice exercises
o Post (Final) test
o Glossary
o Optional Full Audio
• The e-Learning courses can be delivered via:
o Internet (on-Line)
o Intranet (LAN, WAN)
o SME Verified Content
o SCORM Compliant

There is no doubt that the evolving e-Learning technologies are the future in both education and training. There has never been such wonderful potential available to both trainers and educators.

More on Friday – – – – –

— Bill Walton, Founder of ITC Learning