Times are changing rapidly!

In order to survive in today’s competitive world, organizations are seeking cost-effective, successful solutions to problems that affect quality and productivity. An effective training program is no longer a luxury — it is a necessity!

If you are searching for a training vendor to support you with your training initiatives, here are a few things you should add to your list of qualifiers.

To begin, you should be searching for a vendor that focuses on customer-driven program development. Such a vendor begins the development process by listening to its customers. In other words, are the programs you are considering research-driven or customer-need driven?

Secondly, does the vendor you are considering offer a variety of successful strategies for training employees in a timely, economical manner, using the latest in training technology?

Above all, you are looking for a complete training system that allows employees to train more efficiently. Trainees should be able to interact with the lesson, making the program more interesting while increasing comprehension and retention, as well as reducing traditional training time requirements.

The courseware you are considering should have been developed in conjunction with industry experts and was produced in authentic job environments — which will make the student’s transition from the training to the actual job much easier.

And, finally, the administrative system that accompanies the courseware should be robust and easily integrated into your own LMS.

By applying these criteria, you will be more likely to make a winning choice in a courseware supplier partnership.

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— Bill Walton, Founder of ITC Learning