This blog is going to deal with what I consider the ideal training company. And, yes, you can discount my opinions if you choose as I am going to use ITC Learning and its thirty-two year existence as that example.

Make of this what you will but I strongly believe that you should be looking for a similar training provider, regardless of your training needs. You will find one or more vendors-of-excellence in Regulatory Training, HR Training, Microsoft Office Training, Simulation Training, etc. But, find such a company that echoes the ITC story.

ITC is dedicated to providing total training solutions, whether the problem requires training management expertise; training program design or implementation; custom applications; off-the-shelf applications; or an overall strategy to incorporate performance-based training and its measurable rewards into the corporate culture.

The workers of America’s leading process and manufacturing companies have been trained with ITC materials for more than three decades. ITC’s customers know the value of performance-based training. They understand the critical links between measurable objectives, proper training design and implementation, improved performance, and return on investment. ITC training achieves the projected results and, thus, American companies return to ITC time and time again to develop additional strategies for dealing with restructuring, downsizing, functional illiteracy, an aging workforce, and/or the implementation of new technologies in the workplace.

ITC is a “user-friendly” company. ITC’s commitment to its customers is two-fold: strong customer assurance and quality training solutions. ITC believes that customer relationships are built through attention to detail, kept promises, and access to our professional staff. At ITC, the relationship does not end when we deliver the solution to the customer. Customer assurance is, and has always been, the cornerstone of ITC.

Okay, call me biased. The truth is that I’m proud of this company and its continuing relationship with more than 6000 corporate, education and association users.

There are more “ITC’s” out there in all training segments. Your job is to find them. On-line courses with their typical puffery plus the empty boasting on myriad websites will tell you little. Find the companies who are customer focused – and, truly practice it.

“Talking the Talk” is easy. “Walking the Walk” is the key. Find a partner-provider you can walk with!

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— Bill Walton, Founder of ITC Learning