Today’s Best Answer To Learning Challenges

Today let’s talk CD-ROM solutions. And, I don’t mean CD discs that have to be loaded, unloaded and stored. I’m talking about the CD-ROM solutions that have been fully digitized and installed on a training-dedicated server. No more discs to load, unload, store and lose.

At this moment in time if your interest is solely to offer your workforce the very best learning media, digitized CD-ROM technology will win hands down.

We’re talking here about full motion, full audio capability. Real procedures performed in real time on real equipment by real workers. Full individual interactive involvement and fully customizable courseware with practice exercises, pre-tests and final exams.

With instructionally sound digitized CD-ROMs the student first learns by seeing, in real time, the skill being performed, then practices the skill via interactive simulations to fortify what they have learned. Finally, their knowledge is tested, again via interactive simulations of the real world activity.

The goal of teaching a skill to an employee is to improve the employee’s on-the-job performance. Therefore, well designed digitized CD-ROMs focus on teaching the performance of a skill, not theoretical knowledge related to the skill. The theoretical knowledge needed to properly perform a task should, of course, be included, but the focus is always on the task, not the knowledge.

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, there are some drawbacks. Most of those are related to 24×7 availability, corporate LMS requirements and “anywhere” accessibility. But if the best in training is your sole emphasis, you cannot beat digitized CD-ROM technology today. Plus the dedicated administrative systems that accompany them are more powerful record keeping programs than is true of most LMSs.

Digitized CD-ROM technology on a training-dedicated LAN is today’s best answer to the learning and retention challenges confronting American industry.

— Bill Walton, Founder of ITC Learning