As Factory Orders Increase, So Should Manufacturing Safety Training Initiatives

On Tuesday the U.S. Commerce Department reported a 0.7 percent increase in factory orders from April to May.  Meaning recently, more companies have placed orders with U.S. factories for machinery, computers and other industrial equipment which might hint at the chance of expansion.

After two consecutive months of declining factory orders and recent reports of slowing manufacturing production in June, the increase in orders was welcomed with open arms. However, factory orders remain lower than where they began the 2012 year at and manufacturing activity is still at a three year low.

Factory orders overall rose to $469 billion. With core capital goods, including machinery and computers, rising at the rate of 2.1 percent.

While it may seem the manufacturing industry has lost some of its spunk due to a variety of factors, including Europe’s debt crisis, manufacturing managers still have the opportunity to enhance internal performance. In order to promote good business great safety practices must be upheld, especially in the manufacturing environment. By implementing safety standards to protect the workers on your plant floor as well as modern safety automation technology, manufacturers can boost both productivity and their bottom line.

Besides the obvious benefits of manufacturing safety training, such as the well-being of your workforce, protection of your equipment and avoidance of hazardous situations, industrial safety training provided in-house also allows for greater retention, consistency of delivery and reduced learning time.

Above all, in a time of slowed manufacturing activity, plant managers should take advantage of the opportunity to develop their staff’s industrial skills without effecting output. Whether they put into place process training, boiler training, hydraulic training, safety training or any other form of manufacturing training courseware, the return on investment will not go unnoticed. ITC Learning offers a variety of industrial training program options, contact them today to learn more.