Industrial Skills Training on a Budget

The recent spike in job openings and the dip in unemployment rates offers new hope for the once struggling manufacturing industry. The next issue to tackle is that of baby boomer retirement. With budgets still tight and baby boomers nearing retirement with each passing day, manufacturers must invest in industrial training to preserve the knowledge that will be lost when this experienced generation leaves the workforce. So what are some industrial skills training options for plants on a budget? Well, there are actually quite a few and as both technology and the workforce continues to evolve so will industrial training methods. Below are a few cost effective options for industrial skills training.

Traditional Classroom Training:

Offering trade school or technical training in a traditional classroom setting through the use of instructors, text books and perhaps even full motion video courseware is a great money saving option. However, industrial training in this format usually only focuses on general concepts and has little opportunity for hands on learning.

On Site Industrial Training:

If possible providing industrial skills training on site is a great option. Not only are adult learners given the opportunity to learn through real life experience but they are also given the chance to learn to operate and maintain the actual equipment and machinery that is in your plant. If the cost for onsite industrial skills training is still too high, consider looking into receiving federal compensation under the Workforce Investment Act. Though the Act is regulated differently in each state, it will typically cover anywhere from 60 to 100 percent of training costs.

Online Industrial Training:

Online courseware is another cost effective solution that allows you to provide a mix of material while tracking employee progress. SCORM based online courseware also allows trainers to manage modules and gives trainees the chance to work from any computer, at home or at the office.

There are tons of other industrial training options including CD-ROM courses, DVD and full motion video courseware and even custom development. No matter which industrial skills training route you choose, you want to be sure your method covers all learning types, auditory, visual and kinetic. ITC Learning offers quality plant training, contact us today to learn more.