Ensure Your Industrial Workforce is Properly Trained

Besides technical training, industrial safety knowledge is perhaps one of the most important industrial skill sets plant workers should possess. Today, there are more than 600,000 forklifts operating in manufacturing plants that are powered by propane fuel. And with more and more experienced forklift drivers reaching retirement age, factory owners have to prepare to properly train the next generation of industrial workers, so that their industrial skill sets are not only up to date but also follow the appropriate standards.

Replacing an empty propane cylinder on a forklift is not a difficult task, however there are specific standards that should be studied and applied when doing so for the safety of your employees and for the safety of your business. Some of these standards include the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) Standard of 1910.178 and the American National Standards Institute/Industrial Truck Standards Development Foundation Standard B56.1-2009.

According to the OSHA, there are two classes of propane fueled forklifts. The first, Class IV is an internal combustion engine truck with solid/cushion tires. While the second type, Class V, is also an internal combustion engine truck but has pneumatic tires instead. The plus side is that the propane cylinders in both classes can be replaced by following the same procedures. Industrial workers who are not properly trained to execute such an exchange should not do so. Only appropriately trained personnel should handle the replacement by utilizing the proper safety measures and equipment, such as gloves and safety glasses. The forklift operator’s manual should always be reviewed before handling the propane cylinder as with any industrial equipment.

Operations and maintenance training of forklifts is only one example where further industrial training beyond manuals and basic floor training it critical, especially while plant owners prepare for a younger and less experience workforce to take over. Appropriate industrial training and safety measures should always be taken before operating or maintaining a forklift or any other industrial machinery for that matter. ITC Learning offers quality industrial training and expert knowledge when it comes to manufacturing operations. Ensure your employees are properly trained for all aspects of their daily industrial tasks, and contact ITC Learning today.