November in Numbers

With the beginning of a new month comes the statistics of the past month. And this year, they’re looking positive. Thanks to an increase in new orders and production, U.S. factories saw the greatest increase in business since June 2011. Washington reported that manufacturing has increased for the past 28 consecutive months. The Department of Labor said that the number of unemployment applications increased to approximately 400,000 last week, the greatest increase over the past four weeks. While they also reported productivity of those employed rose at an annual rate of 2.3 percent during the July through September quarter. These statistics suggest that the hiring market may be growing at a slower rate compared to production output. The Commerce Department states that construction spending rose for the third consecutive month, however in spite of the increase spending overall remained low in November.

While the unemployment rate stayed at 9 percent for the second month in a row, payroll provider ADP seems optimistic, stating that companies added nearly 206,000 workers last month. Few economic indicators point toward the economy slowly reaching recovery while U.S. factories are reaping the benefits from increased auto sales and subsequent parts and raw material sales.

Consumer confidence seemed to reach an all-time high over the holiday weekend, giving corporations hope that steady growth is here to stay and ultimately will create more jobs in the coming year.

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