What’s Determines Your Maintenance Strategy?

When you become sick and have to visit the doctor, the first thing he or she wants to know is what your symptoms are. It’s necessary for a doctor to know this so they can make an accurate diagnosis. In predictive maintenance, equipment operators do the same thing except they have a more hands on approach. They observe and note the indicators that may signal that there might be a problem. From there they will decide the type of maintenance measures that should be taken.

Although predictive maintenance may seem costly, training your maintenance employees to utilize this approach can save your company more money than you would expect. ITC Learning offers a comprehensive curriculum of maintenance training courses to help companies realize the importance of this approach. In addition, our courses will also show them that predictive maintenance should be used on up to 95 percent of all rotating equipment in the facility, not just the critical equipment.

Once the organization decides to utilize our maintenance training programs, your employees will be trained to check the equipment regularly and look for signs of abnormal activity. This way they can fix any small problem before it grows into a larger issue. They will also learn that predictive maintenance relies on assessing a machine for problems while it is operating to find the signals or erratic behavior. With predictive maintenance training, your employees will know how to listen to the motors complaining about overload, and hear the bearings whine about contaminated lubricants. Companies that utilize ITC Learning’s maintenance training program can rest assured that their employees are properly trained.