Creating Training Materials

Training materials are an important part of any industrial training, maintenance training, manufacturing training, mechanical training, or plant training course. By providing your employees with training materials, you are giving them the information they need to become better workers as well as show them what is expected of them.

We are experts at creating industrial training, maintenance training, manufacturing training, mechanical training, and plant training materials for your company. When you work with us, we’ll work closely with you to assess your company and the type of equipment you use and the products you manufacture. Once this has been completed, we’ll collaborate with you to decide what things are should be included and which ones you might want to do without. For instance, we’ll include information on the type of protective clothing to wear and the procedures to use when operating or repairing machinery. Our training materials will also include diagrams of certain machines that might be hard to understand. This will help employees to see how certain machines are put together and how they work. We can also create a step by step guide on training for the machines your company uses. This will help your employees understand what machine does what and what training is needed to operate different machines.

We can also create training materials on the actual programs that you use to operate the different machines. And if you have programs that operate different machines, we create training materials for those programs, so your employees know how to operate the different programs. This is important because if you have a machine that goes down they can also check the systems to make sure that everything is running correctly in them as well as everything on the machine. At ITC Learning, we are experts at designing and developing training materials for your online classes.