December 12, 2016

Whether you buy or build e-Learning courses, design elements must be the focus if you want your workforce to engage with the training.

Instructional Design Elements EVERY eLearning Course Should Include” by Christopher Pappas in eLearning Industry gives us an overview:

“Designing an eLearning course is not an easy task. .  .  . this article features the 10 most important Instructional Design eLements that your eLearning course should have. You can use it as a checklist to ensure that everything’s in order before the big launch.

  1. Clear Learning Goals And Objectives
  1. Intuitive eLearning Navigation
  1. Visual Stimuli
  1. Relevant Multimedia
  1. Real World eLearning Activities
  1. eLearning Assessments
  1. Feedback System
  1. Supplemental Links To Online Resources
  1. Bite-Sized eLearning Content
  1. Hands-On Demos”

Here are some additional instructional design elements you should require before you purchase or decide to build your own:

1). Navigation through the course is simple, consistent and intuitive. In other words, are the screens user-friendly and obvious to the learner?

2). The instruction is both meaningful and interactive. In other words, are the individual units of instruction performance based and require meaningful responses from the learner.  In addition, knowledgeable instructional design will segment the course into very small units of instruction, each tied directly to a performance objective.

3). Adult learning characteristics are accommodated. In other words, are the designed communication techniques consistent with the learning culture of the individuals to be trained  (i.e., media based rather than print based).

4). Administrative management requirements are satisfied. In other words, the test results, time spent, etc. are readily incorporated into your LMS.

5).The media used is appropriately integrated into the learning experience. In other words, the graphics, stills and animations are directly appropriate to the subject being taught.

These should give you a fairly good idea of the design elements you should require before making any media training purchase or embark on making your own e-Learning.

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