March 23, 2016

In an article published in “Personnel Today,” there is a quote from Peter Phillips, chairman of London-based Unicorn Training:

“Ironically, the birth of the internet caused e-learning to take a giant step backwards.  From delivering rich multimedia solutions on CD-ROM, we were faced with delivery via slow dial-up modems, with no audio or video and serious limitations even on the quality of static images.”

 “It has taken a long time for the bandwidth issues to be overcome and for us to get back to where we were at the start of the millennium in terms of e-learning quality and variety, but that point has now been reached and passed. At the same time, there has been a technological revolution. Open source, cloud computing, crowdsourcing, new web tools, social media and mobile platforms are all impacting on the future of e-learning. The days of ‘click next to continue’ are numbered.”

 Today’s e-Learning (provided it is grounded in full-motion video, animated graphics and optional word-for-word audio) offers many important considerations:

  • Because it is easily customizable, you can tailor training to your own needs.
  • Effective learning takes place in 25 – 60% less time than traditional classroom instruction.
  • The learner profits because there is a 50 – 60% greater retention than traditional classroom instruction.
  • It allows more of your employees to be trained in a shorter period of time.
  • Most importantly, the two-fifths of your workforce who are non-reading-fluent can now be effectively trained.
  • It is accessible for all employees at all times from “everywhere” . . . to anyone with a high speed connection.
  • Your training investment can be recouped within the first year and the ROI to your organization will welcome decreased downtime and scrap reduction.
  • Unique to the e-Learning technologies is the instantaneous and continuous deployment of training — which increases overall productivity.

There is little doubt that the evolving e-Learning technologies are the future in both education and training.  As long as you shun the reading-based e-Learning programs (specifically, adapted PowerPoint presentations and converted written procedures), you will be amazed at the positive results you receive from your investment.

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     — Bill Walton, co-Founder, ITC Learning

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