December 15, 2014

While these posts have traditionally concentrated on online learning solutions, and will again today, the three major hurdles I am going to enumerate must be overcome with any training initiative —- however it is packaged and presented.

One should always include a complete examination of these considerations when contemplating all training initiatives, regardless of your instructional approach. Your chances for success will depend on it.

First, and foremost, for e-Learning (or any other training initiative) to succeed it must have top management “buy-in.” No initiative is going to be very successful if it is not wholeheartedly endorsed by the leaders within your organization.

(On the other hand, if your management regards training as a “something to do if there’s sufficient time” activity, chances are that any initiative you propose will fail.)

Secondly, is the e-Learning solution you are contemplating designed for today’s learner?

Present day learners expect instruction that incorporates visual (and, audio) technology to communicate with them. They grew up watching television and are comfortable using smartphones, tablets and computers. They expect the same communication tools in their media instruction experiences.

Consequently, ask yourself if the e-Learning you are using is based on an “optional word-for-word audio” design accompanied by full motion video or dynamic animations and simulations.

(Keep in mind that nearly 40% of our workforce does not comprehend anything written above a 4th grade reading level —- they learn best through media.)

Thirdly, have you checked the content you are proposing to offer with a subject matter expert within your organization? Does the content promote the necessary skills for the tasks to be assigned? (If not, it’s a waste of time and money.)

E-Learning is training’s future. But, only if the e-Learning initiatives (and all other training offerings you provide) successfully meet these three criteria. Only then will your organization get the payback it requires.

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– Bill Walton, co-Founder, ITC Learning
(Mondays & Wednesdays)