June 10, 2013

Today, let’s look at a checklist that should help you through the process of selecting the best that e-Learning has to offer.

First of all, we know that knowledgeably designed e-Learning can save you money:

• It takes 25-60% less time than traditional classroom instruction.
• It achieves 50-60% greater retention than traditional classroom instruction.
• It allows more employees to be trained in a shorter period of time.
• It can empower the near-half of your workforce who are non-reading fluent.
• It is accessible for all employees at all times from everywhere.
• It allows for the instantaneous delivery of training, which increases productivity.

In addition, the attributes of e-Learning that is knowledgeably designed include:

• It is user controlled — true interactive learning.
• It is reliable and consistent.
• It has a user-designed interface for navigation ease.
• It is easy to customize.
• It is easy to update content.
• It is cost effective with a positive ROI.
• It is easy to install and implement.
• It allows for multiple delivery modes (Internet, LAN or WAN and digitized CD-ROM).
• It meets SCORM standards for LMS compatibility.

And, when you are making your choices, look for the following features in order to ascertain that the instructional design is, in fact, knowledgeable:

• It contains SME verified content.
• It shows real-time environments with actual equipment and workers.
• It has an optional Full Audio Button that benefits both readers and non-readers.
• It has an instructor-optional pre-test.
• It is divided into short (4-6 minute) modular lessons.
• It is full of many practice exercises designed to cement the learning.
• It has an instructor-optional post (final) test.
• It contains a readily accessible glossary.
• It has a fully functional administrative system.

Checking off to your satisfaction these benefits, attributes, and necessary features will help you make the right e-Learning choices. If you choose wisely, your company and its employees will then be the beneficiaries — with decreased operating expenses and increased profitability. And, wisdom today means addressing the learning culture of all your employees – both the readers and the non-readers — which leads us to e-Learning rooted in full motion video (with optional word-for-word audio) as your best choice.

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— Bill Walton, Founder
ITC Learning

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