Maintenance and Operations training for America’s workforce has never been more necessary. And, the opportunities for more effective learning have never been greater!


Because the evolving video-based learning technologies have made more and better learning a reality, while increasing necessary retention time. And, that result gives us both better on-the-job performance — and, increased corporate profitability.

Mechanical Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance, and Instrumentation Training are all better attuned to job and task applicability today. Current research proves that full media-rich training contributes to the financial returns enjoyed by the wiser American corporations — as well as improving the lives of their workforce.

We’re going to need these better skills, too, as processes get more complicated and multi-craft training continues to evolve. Well-designed multimedia training — grounded in full motion video and optional word-for-word audio — will also help American industry regain its competitive edge.

Training and education can never be replaced or long delayed. Media-rich technologies have reopened the doors to productive learning. America is slowly but surely transitioning from less successful “lecture-textbook-testing” instruction to the newer media-rich learning opportunities — both in our nation’s schools and throughout American business and industry.

Kelda Richards (primary/secondary education specialist in the UK) in her popular postings has clearly grasped this transition:

“Media Rich Learning means different things to different people. To me it is a reflection of our ever changing, technologically driven society. If we do not engage with new technologies, and use high quality multimedia resources in our classrooms, we are not really providing our students with a rich learning environment.”

As Marshall McLuhan first foresaw more than fifty years ago, “The Medium is the Message.”

Today, “The Medium has become the Message” and is ratcheting open bright new worlds of learning and productivity. Online Learning, Simulations and Gaming will lead our way. Our workforce will embrace these new learning technologies. Management, at their peril, must not underestimate its critical importance to their corporate futures – and, to the competitive future of the United States.

The choice is simple. Either get on this fast-moving learning train — or, you’re going to find your organization left at the station!

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— Bill Walton, Founder
ITC Learning (Tuesdays & Thursdays)