Your E-Learning Checklist

What should you look for when making your e-learning selections? The following is a checklist that should help you through that process.

First of all, we know that knowledgeably designed e-learning can save you money:

1. It takes 25-60% less time than traditional classroom instruction
2. It achieves 50-60% greater retention than traditional classroom instruction
3. It allows more employees to be trained in a shorter period of time
4. It empowers the near-half of your workforce who are non-reading fluent to learn
5. It is accessible for all employees at all times from everywhere
6. It allows for the instantaneous delivery of training, which increases productivity

In addition, the attributes of knowledgeably designed e-learning include:

1. It is user controlled, true interactive learning
2. It is reliable and consistent
3. It has a user-designed interface for navigation ease
4. It is easy to customize
5. It is easy to update content
6. It is cost effective with a positive ROI
7. It is easy to install and implement
8. It allows for multiple delivery modes (Internet, LAN or WAN and digitized CD-ROM)
9. It meets SCORM standards for LMS compatibility

And, when you are making your choices, look for the following features in order to ascertain that the instructional design is, in fact, knowledgeable:

1. SME verified content
2. Real-time environments with actual equipment and workers
3. An optional Full Audio Button for the benefit of both readers and non-readers
4. A pre-test
5. Short (5-10 minute) modular lessons
6. Practice exercises
7. A post (final) test
8. A glossary
9. A fully functional administrative system

Checking off to your satisfaction these benefits, attributes and necessary features will help you make the right choices. If you choose wisely, your company and its employees will then be the beneficiaries, with decreased operating expenses and increased profitability. And wisdom today means addressing the learning cultures of all your employees – both the readers and the non-readers.

— Bill Walton, Founder of ITC Learning