Why Corporate Training Fails, Continued

Training Challenge Number Three: “The failure to provide training that is designed to meet the needs of the 21st Century Learning Culture.”

We are sensory beings. The more of our senses that can be involved, the more completely and enjoyably we learn. Even better, the more of our senses that become involved with the learning experience, the greater our retention.

Nobody is trying to exclude the one-third of us who are comfortable in a reading-based learning environment. Readers will respond favorably to full motion multi-sensory media and e-learning, too. But for the two-thirds in this nation who have no learning culture choice, the full motion learning designs and programs we implement in the next few years will be pivotal.

My emphasis, then, is on full motion, instructionally sound multi-sensory media whose focus is on the two-thirds of our citizens who today are at serious risk because of the changing job requirements in America. We are not going to meet that challenge with an exclusive emphasis on live instruction, CBT, manuals and books. Only full motion, individualized multi-sensory media has a prayer of reaching everyone.

So, where do you turn for help?

The smartest people are those who know what they do not know – and, I’ve met precious few of those individuals in my life. For the trainer, this is doubly important. Find a vendor salesperson who puts “closing the deal” secondary to listening and supporting you with your training challenges. Such a salesperson will not recite a litany of memorized “features/benefits” – a sure sign that you’re dealing with the wrong salesperson (someone who has little knowledge and no interest in your needs). A true sales professional will tailor only those benefits of his or her products and services that address your specific needs – a reliable sign that you may have stumbled on a good one.

A genuine sales professional will walk away before selling you something that will ultimately fail to meet the learning needs of your people. The professional salesperson wants to be your partner. And when you find that salesperson, do your part to build a continuing relationship. It will pay you dividends for years to come. (The best I’ve ever known works for an EHS Training company and lives in Texas. Her customers trust her and buy copiously from her year after year after year – because they know she puts their needs first.)

To be continued . . .

— Bill Walton, Founder of ITC Learning